environment day quotes – Help-Save-the-Environment

Environment day special.
Spred this message if 10% pepole are Change there Daily Habits than it will help for our environment.

Help-Save-the-Environment by Changing Your Daily Habits

  1. Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use
  2. Avoid using disposable items.
  3. Don’t waste food.
  4. Walk or ride a bicycle when your destination is close to home.
  5. Switch to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs.
  6. Make your yard friendly to wildlife
  7. Avoid pesticides, herbicides, and man-made chemical fertilizers.
  8. Plant a tree.
  9. Donate or share usable household items.
  10. Join an environmental organization.
  11. Donate to an environmental cause.
  12. Volunteer your time.

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