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Funny text messages – Funny picture messages


मैने कहा I LOVE U

तो उसने कहा मेरा BOY FRND हे।

मैने कहा पुराना जायेगा तभी तो नया आएगा।
OLX पे बेच दे।:)


Boy to Girl: Tumhari Umar kya hai?
Girl: 20 years
Boy: tum ne to 5 saal pehle bhi yahi batayi thi?
Girl: dekha ladkiyan zubaan ki Kitni pakki hoti hai.


A girlfriend pings her boyfriend on chat,
‘Call kar bc balance khtm ho gya hai!’

It took 15 minutes for the boy to understand bc means ‘BeCause’!

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