Whatsapp Good Night Messages

Whatsapp Good Night Messages

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सब सो‬ गए अपना दर्द अपनो को ‪ सुना‬ के,
मेरा भी ‪ कोई अपना‬ होता तो मुझे भी ‪ ‎निन्द आ‬ जाती.


नही मिलता है मुझको वक़्त आपसे दिन में मिलने का,

चलो हम आज रात को आपके सपनों में आते हैं। शुभ रात्रि


I wish I wuld thr 2 hold u tight,
Instead of saying this loving gud nite.


Good friends don’t necessarily make life perfect, but they sure make all the imperfections easier to tolerate.


Saying gudnite is not just putting an end to a day.Its a way of saying , I remember u before i go 2 sleep.
Hope u can fel the care that goes with it.


Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but our friendship will forever radiantly glow. Good night.


Lst night I snt an angl to watch ovr u while u vr sleeping.
He cam bck erly, So i asked him y?
He said tht angls dn’t watch ovr othr angl.


Real friendship is when misfits come together and find that they’re the perfect fits for each other.


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Dreams visit us when we are asleep… But God is truely wise…
He wakes up every days and gives us chance to make our dreams come true.

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