How to earn money online

How to earn money online

Hello Guys,

Today i want to share my personal Experience with you,  How to earn some money in free time.

Let me brief about starting , i have completed my BEIT in 2011. Always i am thinking about to do something new. And i have started searching on that direction and at the end i have found some knowledge about WordPress that we can make any kind of blog in WordPress and can earn some part of money from google adsense.
Please leave this two word WordPress and google ads for now, will give some more information below.

There are lots of work in market that you can do in your part time like data entry, some work from freelance site, also you can be a part time lecturer, or create a informative blog.
Here other all features (without blogging) are depending on some other person as well some other resource and also need to give some specific time in regular base.

So, Here i am suggesting to you Guys that Create a good informative Blog.

At this point, i guess you guys have lots of question that what is blog..?, How to create blog..?, on which topic we will create a blog..?,  And the biggest question that How to earn from blog..? And also how much we will earn from Blog..?

1) What is blog..?

Some one write good, True, useful information in regulate basis on one Website that call blog in my teams.
Means we will create on informative website and will update it on regular basis.

2) How to create blog..?

Before reach here you should have some knowledge about your interesting subject. Means First you need to decided on which subject you have good knowledge and you can write some best information on that which is useful some where in this world.

Like i have Created this blog with this user can update their whatsapp status on regularly base, Also found some quiz answer, Puzzles, Hindi messages, Funny messages and most inspirational messages.
With this website user can get some useful information which are they want.

I was also very confuse to select a topic that on which topic is best to write something. After that i show people around me were more busy with changing  their whatsapp status and find the answer of whatsapp quiz.
After that i have decided to create a blog on this topic that whatsapp .

And please keep in mind that topic is from your interesting subject. Because we can think and write best on our interesting subject only.
If it is not from your interesting subject then in future it is possible that you will stop writing on that blog might blog will close.
So, My best suggestion is that please select a blog topic, which is more nearer to you and also you can write best and Ever best article on that.

Hope now you will clear with you topic or might you have some multiple ideas and topics in your mind right..?

So here we are completed with one more question that on which topic we will create a blog..?
Now we will move on Creating a blog.

For blog we require one domain like its call blog domain name. User will remember domain name as your blog. Means your domain name mast be related to your topic.
Also you need server space where you will host your website. If you really new in domain name and server space then you can search in google for more information.There are lots of websites available  which is provide you domain name and server space. Like go-daddy, blue host, digital ocean and lots more. you need to purchase domain name (around 199 rs = 3$ / per year) and server space (149rs = 2.29$/per month ) this is the starter plan in go daddy, you can check for more information.

Or you have one more option for free hosting and domain.

For start up, there are some websites available they will give you domain name and server space for hosting. Like WordPress, blog-spot and more…
Here you can create you blog as free of Charge. No any costing as starting. Once you will get proper idea about blog then you can purchase your own domain name and server.

I have also created on blog website on word press Inspirational whatsapp status .

Related to how to create blog on free hosting website i will add article in other post.

Here i have consider that you have already created one blog website.

Now you have to update more and more post related to your topic in your blog. But keep in mind please do not directly copy from other website or other blog. Your information should be more clear and fresh for your user.
If you make copy of article and then there should be possible that you will not earn a single money. So, please my best suggestion and personal experience that please do not copy from other website write all blog with your own words.

How to update article..?   How to write best article on my topic..?

At this step now you have around 50 post in your blog and all are written by you with own words.

Here might you have one question that why it is require in own words no copy..?
I will update you later in this post regarding this topic.


Now time to introduce Google ads :

Google have one special marketing service that google ads. Means for marketing google will put advertisement on famous website and when site user click on that ads google will pay some amount to that adsense account user.

Lets take one example :
I have one website   after 50 post and 6 month i have applied for google ad sense program.  Once you will apply for ad sense program google with check your website with google algorithm. If you have written good fresh and useful article then you will get approval for ad sense program. When i was got the approval for google ad sense i was very happy on that day. If you have seen above that i have write more and more time that you need to add good,fresh and useful article in your own words because if you have copy article then there is chance to disapprove your ad sense request. So, always keep in mind that need to write fresh content.

Once you will get approval for adsense program you can put google ads on your website. you can also see some ads in this post. Now when your website user see this ads and click on that ads then money will add in our account.
I have also earn some money with adsense program. Will update earning report later.

And regarding How much we will earn from Blog..?

There is no earning limit in google adsense program. Good blog will earn 1lk and more then that in month.

So, My suggestion is that Create a blog and earn with your own content and on your own time.
If you need any more information please write me or you can send message from contact us page.


How to earn money online