Valentine week 2016

Valentine Week 2016:

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Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14 each year. Today I am Going to Share with you a Valentine Week Chart with messages and Hd Images.Valentines Day is Day which was celebrated on 14th Feb.Valentine Day is the last day of the Valentine week 2016. its the celebration observed on February 14 each year.So in Valentines week Contain a 7 Day Every Day have a Day Like Rose Day Propose Day & Teddy Day Etc.Valentine day is the Festival of friendship Between boys and Girls.In this Day Both Girls and Boys Share and Send Valentines Day Wishes SMS to Each other.Valentine week Days List with Date and day is Given below.


Valentine Week List 2016 With Dates & Day





1. Sunday 7th Feb, 2016                       – Rose Day
2. Monday 8th Feb, 2016                    – Propose Day
3. Tuesday 9th Feb, 2016                    – Chocolate Day
4. Wednesday 10th Feb, 2016          – Teddy Day
5. Thursday 11th Feb, 2016               – Promise Day
6. Friday 12th Feb, 2016                     – Hug Day
7. Saturday 13th Feb, 2016                – Kiss Day
8. Sunday 14th Feb, 2016                   – Valentine Day



1) Rose Day : Rosa Day is the First Day of the Valentine Week. In this Day Boy Gives a Red Rose to Girls.It is also a Popular Day of Valentine Week. In general people will give rose to their loved one.





2) Propose Day: Propose Day is the Second Day of the Week. In this Day Boy and Girls are Propose each other.This Day is Popular for Express Feeling and Say Some Things to Girls. It doesn’t mean that they are propose of love only trey are propose for friendship as well.



 3) Chocolate Day : Chocolate Day is the 3rd Day of Valentines week.In this day Boy and Husband Gift a sweetest Chocolate to her Girlfriends or wife. This day also called as sweet day. Dairy milk is favorite for this day. Dairy Milk is the chocolate for love.


Chocolate day images


4) Teddy Day : Every girls generally need one Teddy as they are finding their loved once in that Teddy ;). Teddy Day is the 4th Day of the Valentine week days.Teddy is the loveliest Toy of girls.Girls Mostly Like teddy they always sleep with her teddy toy.So on Valentines day Don’t forget to gift a teddy bear to your girlfriends.





5) Promise Day : Promises make relation more and more stronger.  Promise Day is the 5th Day of Valentine week day. So in this Day Complete your all old one Promise.And Generate some New Promise with your partner and Make a Relationship Strong.




6) Hug Day : Hug Day is the 6th Day of Valentine list 2016.So in this Day send Best Greetings of Hug day to your friends.And also Give Hug to your Girlfriends to make the love relation strong. With hug you can feel very better in your relation. And feel more comfortable with our love and friend.

Hug day images


7) Kiss day : Kiss Day is the 7th Day of the Valentine weeks list.Kiss Day is that which can Complete the Relation Fully.Kiss Day remove the Distance from girls and boys.




8) Valentines Day : Valentines Day is the Last Day of Valentines week.Love Relation between girls and boy are complete here.Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th Feb.




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