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Whatsapp good morning messages

1. G: get up
O: open YOUR eyes
O: out from YOUR bed
D: day has risen
M: mobile beeps
O: one sms received
R: read and enjoy
N: never mind
I: it’s just a
N: new way to wish
G: Good morning



MORNING it is the starting of the day. The very first thing that one should do in morning is to remember God and thank him for showing us this wonderful another day.



“Only few loving hearts can identify sum little lies in your smile sun more truth in your tears, never miss those people in life they are truly yours.”



Small good morning poem
Beautiful Sun
Wonderful Air
Cute Birds
Excellent Time
These all r waiting in Ur Door.
To say sweet Gud Morning and
Have a nice day..!


whatsapp good morning messages


Moon is angry,
Sun is happy,
Because Moon is missing YOU and
Sun is wishing YOU a sweet good morning.



Mornings gives you a new start, a new opportunity to write a day all over again. Don’t miss it, wake up. Have a nice day.


Night Is For Dreaming,
Day Is For Working,
Love Is For Sharing,
Friend Is For Caring
I Wish You Good Morning Images.

Funny good morning messages


Moon ne bhi Band kar di Lighting,
Sun ne shuru kar di shining
Bird ne bhi di hai warning
Kyuki ho gayi hai Morning,
Ab toh uth jao mere yaar,
Good Morning..!


दीपक में अगर नूर ना होता, तन्हा दिल मजबूर ना होता,
हम आपको Good Morning कहने ज़रूर आते,
अगर आपका घर इतना दूर ना होता…!

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