Guess the 10 dishes from whatsapp emoticons

Answer of guess the 10 dishes from whatsapp emoticons, Guess the 10 dishes.


Hello Everyone,

we have latest whatsapp picture puzzles, Guess the name of 10 dishes. Try your logic to solve latest picture puzzles.

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For answer please go bottom of the page. But first try to find out all and give you comment….








whatsapp picture puzzles :  Answer of whatsapp picture puzzles guess the name of 10 dishes:


  1. Gobhi Manchurian
  2. Paratha
  3. Upma
  4. Pulav
  5. Poha
  6. Roti
  7. Biryani
  8. chinibath
  9. Boondi
  10. Bissibellabath

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