Inspirational Message About Life- Inspirational Status

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~ 5 simple rules for a happy life ~

1. Don’t be overly emotional – HAVE FAITH
2. Don’e ever give up – KEEP TRYING
3. Don’t make things complicated – KEEP IT SIMPLE
4. Don’t take things too seriously – LAUGH AT PROBLEMS
5. Don’t be a grown – up – STAY YOUTHFUL AS A KID

2 )

Happiness can be found,
Even in the darkest of times;
If one only remembers,
To turn on the Light.

Inspirational Message About Life- Inspirational Status


To Do List for Today ~ The Happiness Mantra ~ For Life
~ Count My Blessings
~ Practice Kindness
~ Let go of what I can’t control
~ Listen to my Hear

~ Be Productive, Yet Calm


Everyone wants,happiness. No one wants, pain . But you cant have a rainbow without a little rain .

Inspirational Message About Life- Inspirational Status


The happiest people do not necessarily have the ‘BEST’ things.
They simply appreciate the things they have.
Choose a simpler and smarter way to live


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY….. How to be Happy…..

“There are two ways to be happy: Either Improve your reality, or Lower your expectations.”


 if you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain


Try to pretend that you are happy ..
.slowly it becomes your habit and
gradually it becomes your character .

Inspirational Message About Life- Inspirational Status


LIFE is Like a FLUTE ….

It May Have Many Holes And Emptiness
If You Work On It Carefully
It Can Play


Happiness is Having what you want…
Wanting what you Have…

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