Whatsapp Puzzles:The Murder Mystery

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Whatsapp Puzzles:The Murder Mystery


A man was found murdered on 15/8/2007 Wednesday afternoon at 12.35pm in his house. His wife called police.

Police questioned everyone
Wife: I was sleeping.
Neighbors: We went 4 the marriage.
Driver: I went to Bank.
Cook: I went to Market.
Watch Man: I went to My relations Marriage.
Police arrested murderer immediately.

Can you tell who was the murderer?

Answer of this Whatsapp Puzzles:The Murder Mystery

The Driver because he is the one lying.

Actually 15/08/2007 i.e. the 15th August is the independence day of India, and it is a national holiday. On a national holiday all the banks are closed, so it is not possible for driver to go to the bank on that day, it means he is lying.


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