Whatsapp Quiz-Find The Criminal’s Sister and Girlfriend From the Statements

Here is whatsapp Quiz for Find The Criminal’s Sister and Girlfriend From the Statements.so lets try to solve this quiz.

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Whatsapp Quiz-Find The Criminal’s Sister and Girlfriend

From the Statements



A man escapes from prison with the help of his girlfriend.

The investigators suspect four girls of being the man’s girlfriend.

  • Out of those four girls, one is his girlfriend who is lying.
  • Two of the girls are completely innocent and are speaking the truth.
  • One of the girls is the man’s sister who is helping the girlfriend lie.

Following are the statements from all four of them:

Adriana: “Mary is his girlfriend.”

Jenny: “Angel is lying.”

Angel: “Adriana is lying.”

Mary: “Jenny is not his sister.”

Can you find out the man’s girlfriend and sister among these 4 girls.

Answer of this puzzles:

Suppose if Adriana is his sister and we know that his statement is false.

This will mean that Mary is not his girlfriend.

If Angel is telling the truth, then Adriana must be lying that we have already assumed.


If Jenny is his girlfriend, then she must have spoken a lie as well.

This will mean Angel is speaking the truth which is true in what we have assumed.


At last, Mary said that Jenny is not his sister which is also true as we have made the assumption already that Jenny is his girlfriend.


In what we have assumed, all the statements fit perfectly and the given conditions are satisfied. If you make any other assumption, you will find that one or more conditions are not fulfilled.

Adriana is the sister and Jenny is the girlfriend.


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