Why we are afraid of traffic rules?

Hello Guys i am trying to writing something about today’s trend “Traffic Rules”.

With the social media i had seen lots of people complaining that why traffic rules…? And why we will pay this much amount for traffic rules..?

Guys, Have you ever heard any stories or any family they lost their son or daughter just because of not wearing  helmet or indirectly not following traffic rules…?

Let me share One big stories here:

One of my friend his name is Dhruvit, He is only one child in home as main income and his father is just retied.

Now main income source is only one. Dhruvit is smart enough and smarty boy as well.
As smart enough he had taken mediclaim and LIC and other policy which will help family in any critical situation.

Dhruvit is an IT engineer and working as Software developer. Everyday he has to traveling around 10 + 10 = 20km from home -> Office -> Home. Also as smart people, he was always wearing helmet.

One day he has nice hair cut with latest fashion and thought let just not to wear helmet for one day… And what will happen if i will not wear helmet for one day..?
So on that day he just left home without helmet. And suddenly he faced an accident on that day only. Can’t we say this is his luck or coincidence or whatever… but only on that one day he meet up with an accident. And got head and face injury.
It is bit critical but after some day he was fine.

Now what, only he has some word that if i had wear helmet on that, i will be safe enough.

So guys, we know you all are look handsome enough but we know life give chance only once and don’t try to face it otherwise it will be difficult for one day only.

One more thing i just want to ask if we are ready to keep all document and we are right at our place with all needed things which will follow rules then why are afraid with amount of Challan.


So just moral of story is like be aware of all needed things, rules is not just for government only to collect money but it is for us as well to be safe.

So let’s start from today and ask our self that from today i will follow all traffic rules.

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